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Physician-Assisted Dying: A Clinician's Perspective


Joshua M. Hauser, MD

September 25, 2014

Responding to Wishes for Hastened Death

Dying is unpredictable. These cases represent two phenomena which I believe are common in our care of dying patients: (1) how rapidly patients' wishes for hastened death can change; and (2) the unpredictability of the interventions that we use to address these wishes. Sometimes, despite all of the remarkable advances in palliative care that we have had over these past decades, we may not even know which specific intervention has made a difference.

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HB 1325 Has Been Defeated!

New Hampshire's assisted suicide bill, HB 1325, has been defeated! In a 219-66 vote, New Hampshire legislators resoundingly rejected assisted suicide in their state. Many thanks go to John Kelly of Not Dead Yet and other Disability Rights activists who testified against the bill, changed minds and swayed votes.

Physicians are Healers – Not Killers

In a stunningly horrific move, Belgium's Senate legalized child euthanasia/assisted suicide last week prompting immediate responses by pediatricians, pediatric organizations and pediatric palliative care groups throughout the world.
Compassion & Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society and the organization pushing assisted suicide legislation in U.S. states like New Mexico, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts, has been conspicuously silent despite a wave of consternation throughout the media. The only American media outlet to date to give voice in support of euthanizing children is the LA Times who ran two opinion editorials praising Belgium while referring to those in opposition as "paranoid" and "death squeamish."

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